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Solutions for any Apple / Mac, desk- or laptop, wired or wireless networks, we can arrange it all, from small to medium sized networks, we set up and built the complete infrastructure, we work with macs since os 6 and are available for any assistance to help you keep focused on the things you need or want to do with your computer.

Mac Upgrades - Repairs - Maintenance

We upgrade, fix and maintain your MacBook, MacBookPro, PowerBook, IBook, IMac, MacMini or MacPro, we solve most issues with software and hardware, we advise to your personal needs when you want to buy a system, we arrange all system and software configurations, set you up with a working back-up system, because we do care about your data and one day that hard disk will fail. Did you spill water on your MacBook Pro or Air and is it not booting now, bring it as soon as possible and we'll fix this at a resonable rate. We have Expertise in Audio/Video and business applications. If you need it we can set you up from a single MacMini to a Network of MacPro's in private, business or A/V-studio environment.
Also, if you need a switch, printer, hard disk, monitor, we can supply it, we will find you a fitting deal for all your computer needs.

Filemaker Databases

Maintain your contacts, communication, sales, times, invoices, payments, reminders, any kind of registration, planning, in a Filemaker database system that makes doing administration a pleasure, built or modified to your needs, very affordable, contact us for what we can do for you. We can also offer a standard system customized to your needs, check here: SBFM, Small Business File Manager, the complete business administration tool for small business or zzp.

Data Recovery

Unresponsive harddisk? Lost access to your data? Bring it, and we will restore it, we feel so confident that we offer no cure no pay.> Problems with e-mail, entourage no longer accesible? We help you make things work, and recover your lost data.

We are always ready to get you sorted as soon as possible, we can also come over to help you on any computer or network related issues, please contact us freely.
no extra charge within ring A10, hourly rate from € 50,- ex. VAT.

delivery onditions at this time in Dutch only.